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Sylloc Server to be stopped after November 29, 2016 2016-11-18comments

Sylloc Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Server will stop after November 29, 2016.

Dear all,

Thank you for having played on Sylloc Server for all these years.

We will be stopping the Half-Life 2 Deathmatch server rental after November 29, 2016. The cost vs the number of players is not viable anymore, and this game is (already) 12 years old!

Quite a grandpa although we have enjoyed playing on it all these years!

The sylloc.com website will remain active, and the maps will still be available for download. You are free to download them and use them on any server. Thanks for having a great time and best of luck!


The Sylloc team

Sylloc Server has an updated HL2DM address 2015-08-23comments

The address to connect Sylloc Server has changed! Please update your server favourites accordingly.

Please add ger24.fragnet.net:27015 to your favourites.

Please welcome Stargate bots! 2014-10-20comments

You can now play with Stargate bots on Sylloc Server!

We have now no less than 12 bots constantly playing on the server! One of them leaves when you connect. I'd like to thank botrix bots for making this possible! Excellent job, mate!

New server IP address! 2014-09-16comments

Sylloc Server has moved to a new server!

Please connect to Sylloc Server at:!

dm_stargate_b8 is out! 2014-02-01comments

dm_stargate_b8 Venin has just released dm_stargate_b8!

We've all been waiting for dm_stargate_b8 for a few years now, the long awaited replacement of dm_stargate_b7 is now finally out! Check it out on our server! You can also download it on our website in the "Maps" or "Downloads" section.

You'll notice that we have a brand new set of textures, a new gate already seen in dm_stargate_solitudes_b2, and a new temple design! We had to remove the ship indoors from the map compared to its former version, but you will be able to walk the new version of the ship in another map coming soon ;).

Meanwhile, enjoy the map and tell us what you think! Cheers :).

A few images that show a good overview of the map:

dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8

Find out more details about this map!

New shoutbox and comment system 2014-01-19comments

We're glad to say that we have a new commenting system for our maps and our shoutbox!

We're using Disqus and it works great! Feel free to go through the maps and discuss them there.

USG maps available on Sylloc Server 2013-12-21comments

We are pleased to announce you that you can now play on USG's maps on our server!

We've made available all of Universe Stargate team's maps on the server. You can check it out in the maps section, and find a download link in the downloads section. Thanks to the USG team!

List of USG maps:

These maps feature different themes: standard Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Walk through Destiny's main room and admire the Stargate, visit one of Atlantis's worlds, witness a space battle!

usg_atlantis_mickeal usg_atlantis_submersion usg_stargate_jaanus_fix usg_stargate_serpent usg_stargate_spacebattle_fix usg_universe_air usg_universe_destiny

New map released! 2013-12-17comments

dm_stargate_solitudes_b2 Venin has just released dm_stargate_solitudes_b2.

A few additions have been made to this map. A new gate, new teleportation rings, a few gameplay improvements are part of this new update!.

A few images that show a good overview of the map:

dm_stargate_solitudes_b2 dm_stargate_solitudes_b2 dm_stargate_solitudes_b2 dm_stargate_solitudes_b2 dm_stargate_solitudes_b2

dm_stargate_b8 trailer 2009-05-29comments

While we're all waiting for dm_stargate_b8 to come out, you can enjoy the map's new design by watching this trailer:

Stay tuned for more information!