dm_stargate_b8 is out!

dm_stargate_b8 is out! 2014-02-01

dm_stargate_b8 Venin has just released dm_stargate_b8!

We've all been waiting for dm_stargate_b8 for a few years now, the long awaited replacement of dm_stargate_b7 is now finally out! Check it out on our server! You can also download it on our website in the "Maps" or "Downloads" section.

You'll notice that we have a brand new set of textures, a new gate already seen in dm_stargate_solitudes_b2, and a new temple design! We had to remove the ship indoors from the map compared to its former version, but you will be able to walk the new version of the ship in another map coming soon ;).

Meanwhile, enjoy the map and tell us what you think! Cheers :).

A few images that show a good overview of the map:

dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8 dm_stargate_b8

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